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Changes Ahead

Changes Ahead

An Introduction from Judith O’Day, Outgoing CSDA President
As one of my final tasks as CSDA President, I have the pleasure of introducing you to the incoming President, Kevin Baron, who will officially take up the role during the association’s Annual Membership Meeting at the start of April in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have known Kevin for many years and he has done a fantastic job as vice president, so I am confident that the association will continue to prosper under his leadership. His family has been involved in the diamond tooling industry for several decades, so his knowledge and experience will be of benefit to CSDA as he assumes the position of President. I wish him the best of luck.

Working with Judith as vice president for the past two years has been an honor and truly my pleasure. During this time I have seen CSDA make many exciting and significant gains. The addition of polishing and imaging membership categories has been a positive step, while young and dynamic leaders are becoming committee chairs and Board members through the association’s Next Generation group. We also have a new aggressive marketing plan and a restructuring of the CSDA Company Certification Program is underway. These are just a few examples. As the incoming President, I’m excited about the future of CSDA and I’m looking forward to working with the Board, committee chairs and the wider membership to continue growing and improving the association.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am the CEO of Western Saw in Oxnard, California and a third-generation industry professional. Western Saw became a member of CSDA in 1986, but it took several years for me to stop and see the positive affect CSDA was having on the industry. For me, there are many benefits to being a member, but the most important benefit for me is networking. The association provides me with several opportunities to talk with my customers—diamond tool manufacturers—and the end users that are sawing and drilling contractors about how our products are preforming on the job. The feedback I receive from cutters is invaluable to my company and having this dialogue can only be advantageous for the industry.

Being a member of CSDA has also given my son and nephew, our fourth generation of diamond tool manufacturers, the opportunity to meet other young up-and-coming leaders of the industry. The knowledge that they are gaining from discussing business issues with others in the Next Generation group and experienced industry professionals is helping them develop skills needed to become successful leaders. My family and our business truly enjoy the rewards of being a CSDA member and I look forward to serving the membership as CSDA President for the next two years.

Kevin Baron, Incoming CSDA President  |  Western Saw, Inc.  |  Oxnard, California

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