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Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction

CSDA is part of a very well connected construction and renovation community, where information is routinely shared through the Internet, various publications and personal exchanges. However, occasionally some of the information shared can be incorrect or misinformed, especially in the case of personal exchanges between people and companies.

When I was hired as executive director, one of my first tasks was to approach a group of members in the Pacific Northwest who were upset at CSDA and threatening to resign. I called and spoke to many of the members to find out why they were upset. These members had been misinformed by someone in the industry who was unintentionally passing along incorrect information that rightfully upset many members. No one ever took the time to validate the information and all assumed it to be correct, which created the problem. Eventually, I was able to convince these members that the information was incorrect and move past the situation, but this took some time.

While that first incident may have been an extreme, there has continued to be incorrect information about CSDA communicated to members and non-members. We have tried many different ways to inform members and met with some success. However, the issue still exists.

Recently on social media, an operator posted about CSDA Training Programs and the fact that the training was only for experienced operators, not rookies. In addition, this person was unaware of the introductory-level classes offered, and also assumed that these classes were all taught by “book smart” instructors. Neither of these assertions is correct. CSDA offers over 30 training courses and has graduated 4,500 students from these classroom, hands-on and online training courses of all levels, from introductory to advanced, and all taught by instructors with years of practical experience in the field.

What can CSDA do to keep members and prospects better informed of the many programs and services that we offer? Maybe we could offer up a challenge to social media followers to solicit rumors, assumptions, ideas about CSDA so that we can dispel some myths, or confirm accurate information. We have created a new area on the CSDA website that will inform visitors on the current activities of the many CSDA committees. This was an idea that surfaced from a social media posting. The committee members meet quarterly and have accomplished so much for the association, but there is always more that can be done and many of these ideas will come directly from members.

How about it Concrete Openings readers? What suggestions can you offer to help better inform the industry and help advance professionalism? Nearly all of the member benefits offered today by CSDA are the result of a member, even prospects, contacting us to ask if we can offer specific new benefits, or try something new. CSDA welcomes your thoughts and ideas. Give me a shout at

Patrick O’Brien | CSDA Executive Director | St. Petersburg, FL

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