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CSDA Angels

CSDA Angels

Angel investors are a special class of business people that help finance and cultivate small start-up companies. CSDA also has angels to help advance the association and the industry.

As executive director for the past 20 years, I have worked with many CSDA Angels and would like to recognize these people, because we would not be where we are without their tireless efforts. The CSDA Angels in this case are the Officers, Board and committee members who have served thge association.

No one individual or group could have achieved the success CSDA has earned, but the combined efforts of so many have made a fantastic difference. Perhaps the most visible to members are the Officers and Board of Directors who are elected by members. These dedicated leaders contribute so much over several years to make the association the best it can be. Before being elected, a member serves on one or more committees, often acting as a committee chair, for at least one or two years. After election, they continue to serve on the committees for a one- or two-year term as a Board member before being elected as an Officer. If this member continues and becomes President, they will serve for an average of 10-12 years and the same applies to the roles of Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Past President. This is quite a commitment!

Committee members are another key group and form the backbone of the association by accomplishing many projects that advance the association and industry. These members meet in small groups and volunteer their time and talent to complete numerous projects that ultimately benefit CSDA members. They pay for their own travel to the quarterly meetings and often work between meetings to complete their committee projects. CSDA could not offer so much to members if it were not for these dedicated folk.

The CSDA staff work with the Board, Officers and committee members to help turn ideas into results. They provide the consistency from one generation of Board and committee members to the next and help keep the many programs moving forward. But the staff cannot do it alone, and it requires the dedication of everyone to create more success stories for CSDA.

CSDA Board and committee meetings are held quarterly. These two-day meeting schedules are held in different cities across North America, giving local members the opportunity to attend, learn and network with fellow members. But more importantly, the committees need to hear from members as to what is important and what needs to be done to help advance CSDA’s interests and that of the industry.

Members and prospects have an open invitation to attend any Board and committee meeting and attendance is encouraged. The meetings for the upcoming year are listed in the calendar on page 60. Who knows, you might decide that you want to become a CSDA Angel and help define the future of the association.

I look forward to welcoming you to a future meeting.

Patrick O’Brien | CSDA Executive Director | St. Petersburg, Fl.

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