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CSDA Member’s Frosty Triumph in Freezer Slab Installation

CSDA Member’s Frosty Triumph  in Freezer Slab  Installation

The decision to select a contractor who has previously worked with a general contractor is often based on a combination of trust, proven performance, efficiency and the desire to minimize risks and uncertainties on the project. In one of Canada’s largest food production facilities, CSDA member Hi-Tech Concrete Cutting Inc. was entrusted with the installation of a crucial freezer slab within a brand new 200,000ft² facility.

The large factory’s commitment to adhering to the most rigorous specifications allowed no margin for error, as ensuring that the freezer slab is installed to specifications guarantees that the required temperature levels are consistently maintained. This is critical for preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods, preventing spoilage and adhering to stringent food safety regulations for a facility that services the entire country of Canada. Amongst hundreds of tradesmen working simultaneously, this would not be a simple task.

With limited options available for the removal, Hi-Tech found that concrete cutting and selective demolition would be the most efficient and cost-effective method for demolishing and reconstructing the freezer slab. Utilizing electric equipment ensured a zero-emission job, given the enclosed space and high traffic of workers in the area. The choice of diamond tools and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) imaging was driven by the need for reduced downtime, precise dimensional tolerances, maintenance of structural integrity and non-destructive testing of the concrete floors.

Prior to cutting into the concrete, Hi-Tech technicians used a GSSI StructureScan Mini XT to scan the area to verify slab depth and mark any embedments. The team then utilized a Core Cut CC3700 walk-behind saw to cut the concrete slab and a Takeuchi TB216H electric mini excavator to remove 3,100ft² of 6″ slab-on-grade (SOG) concrete to create the designated area for the freezer. The excavation continued until it reached 20” below the finished floor to meet the required depth, at which point an Ecovolve ED1500 electric dumper was used to remove the excavated concrete.

Next, Hi-Tech operators installed the necessary insulating materials and rebar, ensuring adherence to specifications. Two 2.5″ layers of sand, a layer of wire mesh, three layers of 2” Styrofoam insulation, one layer of 6mm poly sheeting and 20m uncoated rebar were carefully laid to create a strong foundation for the freezer slab.

The most critical phase entailed pouring and finishing the freezer slab. Hi-Tech operators poured 3,500ft³ of 35 MPa concrete, achieving a 14″ thick freezer slab with a 4″ slope from the center to the edges to ensure optimal drainage and functionality for the freezer. To enhance the freezer slab’s durability and longevity, control joints were saw cut and filled using polyurea, providing added protection against potential damage.

The complexity of the project was intensified by tight timelines, project specifications and a busy job site with hundreds of tradesmen working concurrently on various projects for the facility. Hi-Tech navigated these challenges, drawing upon expertise and resourcefulness to ensure the smooth execution of the project. They approached safety with the utmost priority; considering the potential CO² emissions for workers in the enclosed space, the team exclusively used zero-emission electric equipment. Strict control and access measures were enforced to safeguard any technicians onsite against potential accidents with moving equipment.

Overall, the project required the removal of 3,100ft² of concrete, approximately 1500’ of linear saw cutting and handling of over 309,000 pounds of concrete. The slab required nearly 155,000 pounds of sand prior to the 3,500ft³ of concrete. Hi-Tech completed the job within the set budget and timeline, impressing the building owner with their commitment to quality and efficiency.

Hi-Tech couldn’t be prouder of the project’s outcome. The team demonstrated exceptional dedication, professionalism and skill, leaving the client thoroughly satisfied. Josh Ruiters, Project Manager for Hi-Tech, said about this job, “We were very happy with the project, our guys did a great job. Everyone on the team went above and beyond, from Travis Moore, our Operations Manager, coordinating crews and equipment, to Scott Avery, our Safety Manager on site daily to ensure the job was staying safe, on time and on budget. Our crews led by Jamie Bourgoin and Nimar Gill made sure the work got done according to plan and their combined efforts resulted in a flawless execution. A real team effort all the way around.”

With a history of previous work on the site and a reputation for being a clean, professional organization delivering projects safe and timely, Hi-Tech was a natural choice for this project. The seamless coordination between teams and the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence made them the preferred partner for this undertaking. With an unwavering commitment to safety, precision and client satisfaction, CSDA members like Hi-Tech continue to build the future of construction, one project at a time.

Hi-Tech Concrete Cutting is headquartered in Bolton, Ontario. It was founded in 2019 by industry leader Dan St. Onge, who has 40 years in the industry They currently have 13 service vehicles and 30 operators. The services they offer include wire sawing, wall sawing, slab sawing, core drilling and GPR scanning. They have been a CSDA member since 2021.
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Methods Used: GPR Scanning, Slab Sawing, Selective Demolition

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